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     R&D   “ Research and Development “ refers to a “creative work on a systematic basis for improvement “.  “ Process development “ is a crucial factor for the growth of any industry , which supports a continuous technology change and development as well as meeting other competitors without disturbing the costumer requirements.

     R & D at  Vani Pharma Labs  concentrates mainly on process development of regular products as well as for new products.  We have improved our product process to reduce the effluents and emissions to a great extent. Our process development team strives to reduction cost and time cycle of the process without compromising safety and quality .We work for API’s and intermediates .

       Strengths & supports :  Our R & D activities are guided by Dr. J K Moti wala , a Sr. Scientist associated with industry for the past 35 years and worked in different areas of Research  and Development . An excellent post graduate team supported by three senior group leaders working under his guidance for the day to day development work. R&D activities are performed round the clock depending on the process requirement. An excellent analytical team monitors the R & D development activities to share the quality aspects and customer requirements.

          The newly build  R&D facility was constructed with necessary provisions . The area of  new R&D facility is spread around 2500 Sq.ft. The R&D facility was constructed with RCC roofing at a height fourteen feet and brick masonry wall construction and suitably plastered with cement mortar. The door and windows are made out of epoxy powder coated aluminum sections and 5mm plain glasses. The internal walls are painted with antiskid , glazed vitrified tiles.

     The R&D facility is equipped with necessary equipments like fuming cupboards , center working table  with all necessary utility facilities and anti- vibrating table for precision weighing. The research is practiced in a healthy environment which have fumehoods with digitally indicated mechanical stirrers . Our team carry's out different reactions at different pressures  , for higher pressures we use Par hydrogenator of two lit capacity. We work with high vacuum systems depending on the product sensitivity ; drying of materials at different conditions i.e., normal and under vacuum  with accurately weighed chemicals under suitable safety conditions.  Our team is supported by analytical members for quality tests.


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