VANI Pharma


Details of the Facility

We have Seven Production Blocks to manufacture API’s and Intermediates which includes Analgin (Metamizole Sodium), Propyphenazone, Phenazone, Phenazone Salicylate, Atenolol, Metoprolol Tartrate / Succinate, Triclosan etc.  Further we have also Six Pharma Clean Room Areas.

          In addition to the above manufacturing facilities we have a Kilo Lab, a Research & Development Facility, Quality Control, Warehouse for the Solids and Liquid Raw materials and also for the rejected materials, Administration Block and Engineering Work Shop etc.

Total area 10,356 Sq. Meters
Building Coverage 5,306  Sq. Meters
Production Areas 2,000 Sq. Meters (approx.)(BLOCK-A, B, C, D,E, F,G.)
Pharma Areas 1,826 Sq. Meters (6 Pharma Clean Rooms Class 1,00,000 Areas) 
Quality Control 220 Sq. Meters
R & D 256 Sq. Meters
Ware House 900 Sq. Meters
Kilo Lab 104 Sq. Meters

Effluent Treatment   

   Kilo Lab
   Custom Synthesis
   ISO 9001:2008
   ISO 14001:2004